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13 July 2006 @ 06:08 pm
Rules (Last Updated: July 13, 2006)  

Upon the first offense, YOU WILL BE WARNED (depending, of course, on the severity) !!
Second offense, you will be removed from the community.
If, at any chance, you have been forgiven for the second and then reach a THIRD offense...YOU WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY, no questions asked.

Any post that breaks the following rules will be deleted.
Please do not re-post it.
If your entry has been removed, and you have not verbally been warned by myself (_cynical_beauty) then you are lucky :D
In this instance, please note that you have broken one of the rules.  If you are at all confused as to why the entry was deleted, PLEASE RETURN AND READ THE RULES AGAIN or contact me with questions.

Any updates made to the rules WILL be announced in a current entry (to avoid any confusion due to newer rules and older members) as well as being edited into this entry itself.

A post is only acceptable if it in some way pretains to the pre-Raphaelites or Lizzie.
I ask that any post that does not relate back to her in some way or another be posted elsewhere. There are a number of other pre-Raphaelite communites that may wish to discuss your post.

Put long posts behind a cut.
I don't want to clog up any friends pages. I'm sure you all understand. :D

Icons are welcome.
My only request is that all members snagging the icons follow the creators' instructions. If this causes too much drama, I will ban it permanently.

Credit poetry appropriately.
All poetry is welcome, whether it be a pre-Raphaelite's poem, a poem written to or about Lizzie (even if you wrote it) or a poem BY Lizzie. But please, don't post the poem itself. Let us know who wrote it, where you found it and (if possible) the year/time period.

We love pictures.
Pre-Raphaelite paintings as well as personal artwork is welcome.
Please credit the artist if posting a picture.
Credit the media, if at all possible.
If posting more than one picture, please put them behind a cut.
Pictures involving nudity or "offensive" material should be placed behind a cut.  I do not have a problem with it msyelf, but  I do not want to be receiving angry comments from our more "uptight" members.  Just a precautionary.
If you have a question about an artist, model or era, feel free to post that picture too!

Grammar and spelling will be counted!
I am not very strict on this rule.
This truly only refers to entries that are so misspelled or poorly written that they can not even be understood.
I am guilty of bad grammar myself, and type-o's, so most problems will be overlooked or ignored.
Unless your writing is incomprehensive on purpose (to be obnoxious or cute) --in which case, you will be removed from the community, then you will only receive warnings to fix the "inappropriate" entry.  If the entry is NOT corrected within five days of the warning, then I will be deleting it.  (If there is ever a post from myself that needs to be corrected--feel free to post a comment and kindly bring my attention to the type-o or misspelled word).
Once again, let me make this clear, I will only be warning those entries that are NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO READ.  Everyone makes mistakes and I will not be bringing attention to something minor.

If you don't follow any other rules, FOLLOW THIS ONE. I will not be offering any second chances. You break it, you're out.

Advertisements for other communites are welcome.
And, please, be sensible.  DO NOT SPAM THE COMMUNITY.

Feel free to contact me with you questions or concerns.
I will not leave you with an e-mail address. I run too many communities to begin receiving complaints in my personal mailbox. 
If you need to get in touch with me, you can do so by posting a comment to the followoing entry (which can be found through the calender or userinfo):

DATE: July 13, 2006
SUBJECT: Questions or Comments?

I will try to get back to you, or make corrections, in a timely fashion.  HOWEVER, I can not promise that your comment will be addressed within two days of posting.  I do have classes and I do work.  If it has been over a week, and you are still concerned, or it is pressing (some things can wait.  use common sense.), then please visit my personal journal (_cynical_beauty) and post to my original friends only entry. 
NOTE: Please do not spam my journal. Posting to my personal journal is BY ALL MEANS LAST RESORT.