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13 July 2006 @ 07:40 pm
New Member Survey  

This survey is not required for membership, though it is encouraged that you fill it out upon entrance to the community.
All of the questions are optional...leave any of them blank, if you like.

Please post with the subject reading new member and the survey itself behind a livejournal cut.
(If you do not know how to cut, please comment on the appropriate entry.  If you do not know what I am referring to...GO BACK AND READ THE USERINFO AND RULES.)


How long have you been interested in the pre-Raphaelites?

How did you find out about them?

How long have you been interested in Lizzie?

What is your favorite Lizzie poem?

Favorite Line/Quote from the poem?

What made you fall in love with Lizzie?

Who is your favorite pre-Raphaelite artist?

Who is your favorite of the actual "brotherhood"?

What is your favorite pre-Raphaelite painting (or piece of artwork)?

What is your favorite pre-Raphaelite poem?

Anything else about you and the pre-Raphaelites/Lizzie?

Do any other styles of art interest you?

If you could live in any era, which would you choose?

Describe your personality in FIVE WORDS OR LESS.

Are you, yourself, an artist?  If so, what sort of work do you involve youself in?  Style?  Choice of media?  Any other artistic endeavors you would like to include?

Are you in any sort of educational programs?  School?  College?  Art classes?

Do you work? If so, what is your job?

Do you travel a lot?  Been anywhere interesting?

Favorite Music:

Favorite Movies:

Favorite Books:

Favorite TV Shows:

Member of any other communities or fandoms?

Do you look like a pre-Raphaelite model? (Actually, I hear this comment being made a lot.)  If so, feel free to post a picture of yourself...

Anything else you would like to add?